Your Equity Credit Union wants you to be on the alert

Scammers are now returning to the scene of the crime and attempting to steal even more from people who have already been scammed.

One new trick to steal your money is for scammers to target those victims and promise to get your money back!
Beware of these tactics to get your money and financial information:

A previous victim of a tech support scam, who paid scammers a fee to remove an online threat, may get a call from “the company” and told that it’s filing for bankruptcy and offering a refund on their services. They ask for access to your computer and for you to sign in to your online banking.

You get an email claiming to be from a recognized company. The email asks you to call a phone number because “your payment couldn’t be processed”.

You are contacted by someone claiming to be from a government department or law enforcement agency. They may ask for your help with a “sting” operation to take down scammers who stole your money.

You are contacted by someone that says they have recovered your lost funds but to get them back you need to pay an advance fee.

Here’s how to protect yourself:
• Never be afraid to hang up the phone
• Never allow an unknown person to gain remote access to your computer/device
• Always have your computer/device serviced by a reputable local business
• Never pay an advance fee to obtain a refund

Equity Credit Union wants to protect our members. We ask that you be alert and aware of potential scams.
If you have questions or think you’ve been scammed, please contact Equity Credit Union. We may be able to help.