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Equity's saving and chequing accounts are for people like you who need your money to work for you day-to-day and then grow for you for the future. And with Equity's NO FEE Banking, you keep more of your money. That's good money management!

  • Regular Savings - interest paid semi-annually on monthly balance
  • Daily Interest - interest paid quarterly
  • FATCAT Account
  • HEADSTART Account
  • Tax Free Savings Account
  • First-Home Savings Account (FHSA)
  • US Dollar Savings Account - interest paid semi-annually
  • SuperSaver High Interest Savings Account - Higher level of interest paid monthly.
    This higher yield savings account could be a useful middle ground for your money, offering deposit insurance protection at a rate that's higher than regular savings accounts. Interest is calculated daily and issued monthly. And it's easy to e-transfer money into this high interest account. Some restrictions apply: Minimum $1,000 investment. No debit card use, cheques, electronic funds transfer or bill payments.


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