From first-time home buyers to down-sizers... Equity has the mortgage that fits your needs.

Cashback Mortgage

Receive cash back on new purchases and newly transferred mortgages.

  • 4% Cash back on mortgages
  • Some conditions apply
  • Talk to us for more details

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Very flexible and our most popular mortgage.

  • Interest rate and payments remain the same for the entire term
  • 6 months to 5 year terms
  • Payments can be monthly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or weekly

HIgh Ratio Mortgage

Finding that a down payment is a challenge. This is a good option.

  • As low as 5% down.

Variable Rate Mortgage

Allows you to take advantage of falling rates while having the option to lock in at any time.

  • Linked to the Equity Credit Union current prime rate
  • Payment remains fixed for the term
  • No prepayment penalties on the open variable option

Open Mortgage

Ideal if you’re planning to sell in the near future.

  • Pay it off any time without penalty
  • 6 month and 1 year terms available
  • Rate and payment remain fixed for term


Want to release some of the money you've invested in your home?


The amount you could borrow is based on the appraised value of your home, minus the registered amount on any mortgage.

  • Rate as low as Equity Credit Union Prime + .5%
  • Minimum monthly payment is interest only
  • The line of credit is attached to your chequing account and funds can be accessed by cheque, cash withdrawal, debit card or e-transfers


And to make borrowing better ...

FREE Mortgage Renewals

NO-FEE Banking means you pay nothing to renew your mortgage with Equity.

Mortgage Insurance

Give your family peace-of-mind. Life and Critical Illness insurance is available at the credit union for your mortgage protection.

Prepayment Privileges

To pay down your mortgage faster, you can prepay up to 20% of original principal each year without penalty. And you can increase your payments by 20% each year.

90-Day Mortgage Rate Commitments

When Equity commits to a rate, we commit. You can depend on it for 90 days.

Want Less Fees and More Flexibility?

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