Michael Addante

I believe I can contribute in a unique way as a new board member for Equity Credit Union. I have been a resident of the Pickering/Ajax area for nearly 30 years. Since 2012, I've operated a small home improvement business whose services range from small handyman projects to substantial interior renovations of basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. My mission has always been to provide a finished product that my clients are exceptionally satisfied with, while providing great value for money. I'm proud of the fact that I've built a reputation that has allowed my business to be driven entirely by word-of-mouth referrals.

Prior to this, I worked 25 years in the retail sector. During most of this tenure, I worked as the General Manager of a significant retail business unit, in downtown Toronto, affiliated with a well-known multinational organization.

As I transition into semi-retirement, I would like to fill some of my new found spare time with community involvement. Joining the ECU Board interests me because of the important role this respected credit union plays in our community and because my experience in corporate management and small business entrepreneurship equips me with a perspective that would allow me to make a positive contribution as a director.

Your support of a new Board member would be greatly appreciated.

Larry Biancolin

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Board of Directors for Equity Credit Union for a fourth term. Over the past nine years, I have had the honour of serving as Board Chair twice and actively contributed to various committees, including Finance, HR, Marketing, Policy, Audit, and ERM.

With my past service on the Board and fifteen years of experience in director-level and VP positions with both small and large corporations, I bring a wealth of financial acumen and a service-oriented mindset. This unique blend positions me to effectively navigate financial challenges and address the evolving membership needs of Equity Credit Union.

Reflecting on our collective journey, the recent years have posed unprecedented challenges. Nevertheless, I take great pride in sharing that ECU not only navigated through these challenges, but consistently met or exceeded the financial targets outlined in our Annual Business Plan. This achievement underscores the resilience and adaptability of our credit union, a testament to our unwavering commitment to success.

I am particularly proud of the continuous support we have extended to our members during times of financial uncertainty aligning with our core principle of serving members and positively impacting the communities we serve.

Our credit union has maintained a track record of consistently achieving above-average results. While past success doesn't guarantee future outcomes, we are clearly on the right path.

In addition to recognizing our team's contributions, it is crucial to acknowledge the dedication and tenure of the board, which sets the strategic direction and ensures effective management oversight. Operating within the Ontario credit union regulatory framework remains paramount, and our commitment to keeping your money safe and working for you remains steadfast. I am enthusiastic about continuing to contribute to ECU's success and advancing our mission. Your support in this re-election is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

John Loreto

I have been a member of the Board of Directors at Equity for almost 16 years and have served in many capacities, throughout that period. I have served as Board Chair twice during that time. At present, I am the Chair of the Finance Committee and Long Term Planning Committee, as well as a member of the Executive Committee.

I have been a resident of Durham region for over 30 years and have worked as a Licensed Public Accountant and a Chartered Professional Accountant, during that time. Working closely with and providing advice and direction to a variety of small businesses has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the economies of both Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. The skills and experience I have developed over my career have been essential in my efforts to help guide the direction of Equity during my tenure. My knowledge of Durham Region was helpful in the decision to move to Ajax in 2010 – a move that has turned out to be the right move.

Equity Credit Union, since its move to Ajax, has grown into a solid, profitable enterprise with significant growth. The growth and the profitability continue, but so do the complexities of the operations. I believe my background and experience as a CPA, CA, and my dedication and commitment to my responsibilities as a representative of Equity’s members are, and hopefully will continue to be, an asset to this credit union. I would appreciate your support.

Elizabeth (Betty) Ramsay

I would like to join the prestigious Board of Equity because I believe I can bring a unique combination of skills, experience, and a passionate commitment to the credit union. I have 27 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, where I have honed my skills in market analysis, communication, problem solving, leadership skills, and client care. My professional journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. I have successfully worked in a cross section of roles within the industry, including recruiting, management, coaching, education and sales. I have risen to the level of Broker and am in the top 5% of Agents in our board for units sold. I have a proven track record of driving positive outcomes for my clients.

Throughout my career, I have been required to provide leadership in strategic thinking and negotiating along with effective communication and decision-making. These roles have left me with valuable insight into the needs and concerns of my clients and their experience in navigating major financial decisions. It has taught me client retention, education & marketing. I am well-versed in governance principles and understand the importance of ethical decision-making.

My ability to work effectively with diverse groups of individuals has been key to my success in various professional settings. I value open communication, respect diverse perspectives, and actively seek opportunities for collaboration. I believe in continuous learning and staying abreast of industry best practices to ensure that Equity Credit Union remains at the forefront of innovation and success.

In conclusion, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience to the Board of Equity Credit Union. I am confident that my passion, commitment, and strategic thinking will add significant value to the Board and ECU overall. I ask for the privilege of your support.