My name is John Loreto and I am the current Chair of the Board of Directors of Equity Credit Union and am up for re-election to the Board. I have been a resident of Durham region for over 30 years and have worked as a Licenced Public Accountant and a Chartered Professional Accountant during that time. Working closely, providing advice and direction to a variety of small businesses has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the economy of both Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. My work experience has been essential in my efforts to help guide the direction of Equity during my tenure. My knowledge of Durham Region was helpful in the decision to move to Ajax in 2010 – a move that has turned out to be advantageous.

I have been a member of the Board of Directors at Equity for almost 13 years and have served in many capacities throughout that period. I have chaired such committees as the Finance Committee, Long Term Planning Committee, Audit Committee, Human Resources Committee and Enterprise Risk Management Committee. I have also served as Board Chair twice during that time.

I believe with my background and experience as a CPA, CA, and my dedication to Equity’s members are an asset to Equity Credit Union.

I would appreciate your support.