Free to Equity members! Alert Messaging Service

By utilizing the Alert Messaging System, connected to your Equity online banking account, you receive real-time personalized alerts for issues that are time-sensitive.

Why activate the Alert Messaging System?
Gives you more control of your financial life – Has a payment cleared? Are there enough funds in my account to cover this purchase? This important information can be delivered to your mobile phone automatically. An account balance report can be sent to your device weekly for all your accounts. This will help with budgeting!

Protects your credit score – Avoid delinquency fees by setting up alerts to remind you when your mortgage or loan payment is due. Set up alerts on your chequing account to be aware of the latest account balance so you’ll never overdraw your account again!

Provides peace of mind – Get extra protection from identity theft with automatic security alerts. You will receive notices to update your password. Your account will be locked after too many login attempts, etc. Such alerts will notify you of any unauthorized or irregular activity in your account.

And, of course, no fees for this service for Equity Credit Union members! Note: Text message fees may apply.

How to activate the Alert Messaging Service?

Go to the “Manage Alerts” on the left inside of your account page. Choose from the many Alert options listed. Make it work for you.

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