Equity Team Accomplishments

Passion and Commitment keeps Equity’s team focused and energized

Where staff at other financial institutions come and go, Equity’s key team members are here for the long-term to keep our members happy and prosperous.

When it comes to long-term commitment, it starts at the top at Equity. Our trusted CEO, Tom Dimson, has celebrated 30 years with Equity, helping the credit union grow from 2,288 members ($19.1 million in assets) in 1993 to over 4,200 members in 2023 ($345 million in assets).

After 35 years, Nancy Smith is still excited to come to work. As Equity’s Manager of Lending, Nancy loves being able to help our members see their dreams come true, whether it’s a new home, a new vehicle or to pay off student debt. “My career has been focused on making people’s lives better…I couldn’t ask for more than that!”

“We truly live the credit union philosophy at Equity, and that makes our jobs so much more fulfilling,” says Tom. “We are all members of the credit union and we treat every person that comes through the door the way we would like to be treated, with respect, enthusiasm and a promise to help them manage and grow their money. Now that’s a great way to make a living!”

Experience the difference that our passionate and committed staff can make to your banking experience. In-person or on-line… we serve you better!

Do not hesitate to contact us at 905-426-1389 ext. 221 or email info@equitycu.com.