The name “Adnan Malik” is synonymous with brilliance and perfection in the field of risk management & insurance consultancy. As an accomplished and level headed professional with a proven track record of streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency, I am adept at identifying the needs of clients and providing valuable advice according to their future aspirations. With over 12 years of experience as a commercial insurance consultant, I am proficient at consistently exceeding goals, cultivating strong relationships with clients and mitigating insurance losses.

Recently, I have been aiding top Canadian banks and auto manufacturing companies in renewing their insurance programs by meticulously analyzing company performance and past trends. I hold the aptitude to leverage my skills to highlight possible risks faced by the organization and possess the expertise to provide sound advice on how to tackle those challenges. My capacity to investigate, facilitate and negotiate confidential matters with great professionalism is what sets me apart from others in the industry.

I have the talent to learn new skills and upgrade myself consistently to meet with the growing needs of a rapidly evolving industry. My strong knowledge of industry trends allows me to successfully understand the pain-point of customers and helps me in developing customized strategies for each client. A degree in commerce with a focus on accounts has equipped me with the ability to methodically analyze potential business risks and devise counter-strategies. My sharp eye for detail helps me in guiding customers on how to protect their balance sheets and mitigate risks.

Apart from working with organizations to boost their profitability, I believe in keeping myself both physically and mentally fit. My love for cricket and tennis helps me transform the challenging task of exercising into a pleasure. My immaculate presentation and organizational skills have enabled me to build a successful career for myself. Being an excellent communicator, I am skilled at interacting with individuals from diverse religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. My outstanding leadership skills and commitment to high ethical & professional standards make me an ideal choice for any organization.