Vishal Pua is the founder and CEO of eLearningLair, an emerging company in the digital space that helps organizations and businesses create effective, engaging and dynamic eLearning courses to suit their needs. His clients come from a range of industries – including healthcare, finance, government, not-for-profits, oil & gas and IT, to name a few – and have experienced increased productivity, improved company cohesion, reduced operational liability and streamlined costs thanks to eLearningLair’s client-focus and exceptional quality.

Vishal also has almost a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and operations for multimillion dollar medical device companies, where he was at the cutting edge of some fascinating tech developments, including the commercial launch of a surgical robot for microscopic neurological and orthopedic surgeries. In the medical device arena, he received the Canadian Heath Executive designation from the Canadian College of Health Leaders thanks to his achievements in leadership across sales, marketing and operations. He is also a proud member of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council, a group that is helping to deepen business relations and diversify supplier engagements through innovation, competitiveness and brand loyalty in the supply chain.

Vishal obtained an MBA in Strategy, Finance, and Marketing from the Schulich School of Business, as well as a BSc (Hons) in Health & Disease from the University of Toronto. In his professional life, he has combined his academic background with his scope of experiences to develop a complex appreciation of what truly drives conversions, promotes positive client relationships and enhances organizational unity – a connection with the people you are working for, and a clear communication of your perspective in order to obtain desired results.

Why am I running?

It is my belief that I bring a great deal to the table that would strategically complement the leadership of the Equity Credit Union. 

My experiences and insights align well with a push to improve the management of the business affairs of ECU. As a leader, my commitment to quality, focus on clients, and adherence to high ethical standards would suit me well in discharging my obligations. Indeed, I have experience reporting to various boards throughout my career, and completed the Board of Director certificate program at the Schulich School of Business. I specifically see an opportunity to contribute in assessing current strategic plans and the risks or liabilities they may pose, while also helping to identify potential markets for entry by engaging public perception and, consequently, working to understand how embracing technological and marketing approaches can drive potential business.

In addition to my financial and operational skillsets, I respectfully believe that my entrepreneurial mindset and diverse expertise in sales and marketing can help provide ECU with a competitive edge. It is obvious, in the Covid-19 world that has affected all industries, that vast competition will demand a nimble and innovative approach that puts clients first and drives business in new and potentially unfamiliar ways. The goal of sustainable, annual growth in these uncertain times, therefore, calls for the core principles of entrepreneurship and strategic marketing to come to the fore – my aspiration to be a board member dovetails with the need to incorporate new skillsets, varied perspectives and wide-reaching networks. 

Overall, with humility, I am of the view that my application to join the Board of Directors is one that holds potential benefits for all involved. I am hopeful, therefore, that my application is viewed favorably.

Summary of Vishal Pua

  • Education: MBA – Schulich School of Business, York University, BSc (Hons) – University of Toronto
  • Career History: eLearningLair, GRASP Development, Canadian Medical Equipment Protection Plan, Synaptive Medical, Carl Zeiss Canada, Health Canada, and more. 
  • A little about me: I train in mixed martial arts. I play golf, tennis, volleyball, and basketball. I’ve been in culinary school for 3 years and I play the piano.